About Me

“I’ve always had an interest in holistic health and wellness. In 2019 I began experiencing strange and random pains and fatigue along with many other symptoms that were impacting my immune and nervous systems. With my regular Kinesiology balances I was able to heal and gain my freedom and quality of life back.

The experience of pain and suffering with PTSD and subsequent Fibromyalgia also taught me how to truly care for my health. Everything that I learned I am now able to share with my clients to help them overcome their struggles and achieve health, vitality and happiness.

I draw upon my knowledge of various healing modalities to empower people through movement, meditation, natural therapies and food as medicine assisting many to improve their quality of life, mind, body and soul.

My philosophy for good health is prevention is better than cure and I believe we are empowered to achieve and maintain an optimum state of being. I am so grateful for kinesiology, angelic reiki, yoga, sound and meditation. It’s a privilege to share these passions with you.”

Jess x

Jessie lives in Perth, West Australia. She is an Advanced Functional Kinesiologist, Yoga Teacher, Sound Facilitator, Nutritionist, Angelic Reiki Master Teacher and Usui Reiki Healer.

She is here to help people live more fulfilling lives and feel more balanced. She practices Kinesiology and facilitates Angelic Reiki Certified Practitioner Courses and a variety of workshops in Perth.

Regular attendance of Graduate programmes in the latest procedures and knowledge and post graduate training in Neurological Kinesiology LEAP* (Learning Enhancement Program) and tutoring at O’Neill Kinesiology College keeps her protocols current and ever-expanding.

She volunteers her Angelic Reiki services at Solaris Cancer Care Centre and to St John of God Hospital patients.

Charlie is my trusted assistant and if you don’t mind he likes to be present during sessions.


Master Teacher Angelic Reiki

Advanced Diploma of Functional Kinesiology

Brain Integration Program (LEAP) Level 2, 4

3-6-9 Technique, Dr C Krebs

Primitive Reflexes

Emotional Freedom Techniques

Working with Children

Diploma of Energetic Kinesiology

First Aid and CPR

Group Sound Meditation Facilitation

Yoga 200 Hour RYT

Diploma Nutrition and Food Coaching

Theta Healing: Advanced DNA

Police Clearance